Are you Looking for the Best Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Silver Spring, MD?

Do you have cracked basement walls or floors that are leaking? Have you experienced standing water in your basement? If so, Go Pro Basement Waterproofing is here to help! With over 20+ years of expert construction experience, we are the go-to contractor in the Silver Spring, MD area to keep your basement clean and dry…and your family healthy.

If you see any of these symptoms in your basement – have your Silver Spring, MD basement inspected!

  • Damp Walls
  • Standing Water
  • White Chalky Walls
  • Mold or Mildew
  • Cracked or Bulging Walls

Some of the symptoms of a basement that needs waterproofing include musty smells, damp walls, standing or seeping water, white chalky powder on your walls, mold, mildew, or even cracked or bulging walls. If you’re not sure what’s causing your wet basement, let one of our waterproofing experts take a look. We make it as easy as possible. You get a free inspections of any your basement and foundation. Estimates are free as well. Call us to schedule today!

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“Why is there Water in My Basement Anyway?”

The #1 Question we get asked is “Why is there water in my basement? It’s never leaked before!”

Most builders, architects, and engineers have been neglectful in their designs. They ignore what is absolutely necessary to assure a dry basement. If your basement walls (interior or exterior) have never been waterproofed with a rubber membrane, your basement is not waterproof. Likewise, if your basement floor has never been properly protected below the slab, you are also not protected. According to the Home Inspection Census more than 98% of all basements will eventually leak do to builder neglect.

It’s not uncommon to have water issues in your basement even without heavy amounts of rain. Just because you don’t see standing water, doesn’t mean you don’t have a serious issue. If you have a crack in your basement floor or wall, it’s easy to see the water coming in.

So what’s the real cause of your basement water problem?

Clay Bowl Effect

Soil that has been excavated and then replaced all around a the foundation of a new home isn’t as dense and tightly packed as the rest of the soil around a home. Therefore, water is drawn to that less-dense soil immediately surrounding the house. That puts lots of pressure on the foundation walls of your home and and causes cracks.

Hydrostatic Pressure

As the soil that surrounds your home’s foundation becomes soaked with moisture, it begins to expand and puts significant pressure on your foundation. Then, as water does, it seeks the path of least resistance. It works its way through any opening available, including cracks and openings around your pipes or basement windows.

How To Waterproof a Basement

Basement Waterproofing Systems

If you own a home in Silver Spring, MD that has a wet basement or has mold issues caused by moisture or water in your basement, it is going to be much harder to sell. It’s no secret that water is a basement is probably one of the top, most serious, “red flags” that can scare buyers away. On top of that, water issues in your basement can cause serious health issues for you and your family. The good news is that we offer the best waterproofing products and services in the entire Silver Spring, MD area! We’ll help you take care of any basement moisture issues. How do we do it?

Interior Waterproofing Systems

Drains inside the home can be used to waterproof the basement from the inside. This usually will involve digging up and opening the floor around the perimeter of the basement. We dig a small trench and install pipe, drain tile and gravel around the footer to carry water to a sump pump. We then install ‘weep-holes’ which are small, 1/2″-3/4″ holes in each cinder block cavity. This releases any water that may be trapped just outside the wall. That water drains into the drain tile and is pumped outside. These holes are then covered with a thick plastic molding or a polystyrene panel before the floor is refinished with new concrete.

Multi-Step Waterproofing Systems

We open up your outside walls by hand, and inspect for cracks that could be just the place for water, bugs, dirt and other pollutants to come in. We then seal all these cracks. We then install a sub-surface drain to stop any extra water from flowing down the wall and into the basement. The drain is surrounded by gravel and we replace the dirt. If we find any cracks above ground we seal them along with any cracks around the windows.

Inside the basement, we seal all the wall cracks we find and make sure that all the walls are structurally sound. We then open an inspection trench so we can inspect the footers. We reinforce them when necessary. We install a sub-floor drainage system is then installed. Any parts of the concrete floor that was previously dug up and removed is now replaced. We place a perforated plastic sheet and install it with packed gravel to solidify the safety lid. The final step is to install a pressure relief system. This will lower any water below the floor.

Total Excavation – Exterior System

Often times we need to totally excavate the dirt that is settled next to the basement walls…all the way down to the foundation footers. We replace the footer tiles and seal the walls from the outside. We then cover that with gravel and back-fill it with new soil up to ground level.

We use a backhoe scoop up all the soil around the outside of the home’s foundation. We go all the way down to the foundation’s footing. After the foundation wall is completely exposed, we check the footer tiles replace them if we need to. Then we use waterproofing materials to completely seal the wall. Those materials are typically made of tar and plastic. We then pour gravel over the pipe and fill the holes around the home with gravel and dirt.